Ø 13mm, 12mm, 11mm, 10mm
Double flap
Dimensions: A – 13 mm / B – 10 mm / C – 30 mm / D – 40 or 35 mm

Ø 8,5 mm, 7,5 mm
Double flap, Single flap
Dimensions: A – 7,5 mm / B – 10 mm / C – 20 mm / D – 30 mm

We use following fabrics for each kedertype:

1100 dtex

White 550 g/m2
Black 550 g/m2
White/low-wick 680 g/m2
White/low-wick/FR 680 g/m2
White/low-wick/FR/opaque 680 g/m2

2200 dtex

White/opaque 750 g/m2
White/low-wick 830 g/m2
White/low-wick/opaque 830 g/m2



Luma KEDER is manufactured with best welding technologies: radio frequency/ high frequency or hot air. We only use high quality components: PCV rod and PVC coated polyester fabric are made in EU to guarantee exceptional durability and strength of the product.

We do also provide customized versions – please send an inquiry to our consultant.

We deliver keder directly from our warehouse located in Central Poland (city of Lodz). For large and regular orders it’s possible to arrange stock in warehouse in Leeds, UK.